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Ruxton Design Corporation performs Elevation Surveys in those cases where a Client wishes to know if their property lies within a flood zone, as determined by the maps prepared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). We eliminate the usual tedious, labor intensive and error prone aspects of this work by using our Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment that allows us to easily, quickly and inexpensively determine the elevations in the field for comparison to the FEMA maps.


Elevation surveys are priced individually based on the client's specific requirements and the size and complexity of the property. Our minimum fee of $600 usually covers the cost of an elevation survey.

A property may be deemed to be in a flood zone and require the property owner to obtain expensive flood insurance when this determination is based simply on the FEMA maps. However, the actual elevation of the property or dwelling may lie above the flood zone elevation though this may not be discernible when examining the small scale FEMA maps. For example, a property may lie adjacent to the bank of a stream, but the FEMA maps might indicate that the property was, nevertheless, in a flood zone. The property owner, for their own protection, could then opt to pay an annual fee for high cost flood insurance when it was not necessary. The end product of an elevation survey is a form completed and certified by us indicating the pertinent elevations on the property.


A package of full-size samples of our real estate surveys is available upon request. Please use our contact form and select the "Request Survey Samples" option.